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Energy Mindset Coach
I Discovered Myself &
You Can Discover
Yourself Too
Discover your WHY
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Discover the energy drainers in your routine that are causing productivity blocks

Know how you can overcome it with simple, tangible habits to enhance and elevate your energy & maintain balance

leaving me tired and overwhelmed
with no space for me to think –
  • What do I really want?
  • Who am I?
  • Why am I the way I am?

Speaker Enagement

The key to change the world begins with self.

A “Wholistic” 11-day program to balance and connect back to yourself. This program gives that joyful peek within oneself and an awareness of your inner strength and beauty. You will fall in love with yourself again!

Get in touch with your inner divine feminine energies to claim back your power.
bring out that red lipstick

I had everything that life could give...

A loving family, supportive parents, siblings, and in-laws, an awesome corporate job, a blessed house.

But I still felt a void…

– A void of not doing enough, 

– A void that I am not operating at my highest potential,

–  A void that I am not aligned with my actual purpose.

We are on the cusp of Transformation!

Traditionally Time, Money, and Resources are considered factors for productivity in personal or professional space. Even if we have the right time, the right amount of money, and all the resources at our disposal, we can still struggle to achieve success and peak performance.

So let me share with you this secret sauce! 

Energy flows where your awareness goes. Yes, Energy! Your innate, inherent energy system plays a pivotal role in driving all other factors to culminate & evolve you into an effective powerful Leader. 

Not just any Leader, but a “Conscious Energy Leader”

The shift from “Outside-In” doing to “Inside-Out” being is the greatest
transformation we can ever ask.

Let me also tell you – This is not for the faint-hearted!
My own transformation took me almost two decades of working and soul-searching to understand how my non-aligned Sacred Masculine (Yang) & Sacred Feminine (Yin) was wreaking havoc on my mind and body.

At The Soul Alchemy(TSA), I now guide women & leaders to discover their own innate energy systems and how to identify, manage and maximize their energy potential for success, harmony, and powerful conscious leadership. 

I am Tanushree Nair,

I am an ex-IT professional, with a decade long corporate experience, turned social entrepreneur. I dabbled in social entrepreneurship through my denim upcycling venture from 2011-2021.

A hands-on mother of two, author, and an ardent lover of creative handcrafts, I have an expertise in a range of crafts and finds my space and peace while pursuing my crafting hobbies. Crafting and dance are the two passions that I follow, which is my personal method of alternative meditation.


The Soul Alchemy - Preincubated at NSRCEL, IIMB

The Soul Alchemy

SIMPLI MYNDFUL community of 1010 and still growing

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Read what our Tribe has to say

What sets Tanushree apart is her scientific approach and yet her life experience to understand and answer the queries about unlocking your best version. Naturally I felt it was very safe space to share and learn.

Swati Oberoi

Undoubtedly, Tanushree is an outstanding coach to have her. Since January 2022, I couldn’t speak highly enough of how she helped me over this time on both professional and personal fronts. Her coaching techniques allows you to become more self-aware about your own action, behaviors, and patterns. This is where the assessment really helped me why I act in a certain way in a particular situation. She had this rare gift of asking the right questions to dig deeper in exploring your own values, beliefs, and behaviors. I strongly recommend Tanushree, if someone is looking at a transformation and want to become self-aware in this journey of life.

Khushboo Mehta

Tanushree's methods are just metaphorically like a lifeguard. She actually deep-dived and helped me figure out tools that I know I will use and come back up if lose my way. The energy coaching principle is real, there's serious dedication behind this science, and Tanu you are one of those who did justice to this knowledge and help so many people who want to master their minds by healing subconscious blocks. In case you are looking for a course or program that is actually going to talk to you about how you function and a coach who is actually going to do justice to the world of coaching, Tanushree is the one to contact

Niyatha Rao

Tanushree brings out the best in You! I really enjoyed her sessions. It was Engaging, Thought Provoking & showed results in areas of life where I least expected. If you feel there is something missing in life & you can’t figure out what, you got to speak to Tanushree now.



    Discover your WHY

    A short evaluation with an assessment & 2 sessions of self discovery


    A one-on-one 3 months intensive coaching program

    Group Circles

    SIMPLI MYNDFUL community
    Mini mindfulness workshops,and group/team sessions for community and organizations

    Listen to
    Soul Crafting with Tanushree!

    This Podcast is for all those people who are in the daily grind of life, who have forgotten to take a pause and smell the roses, for those who need to learn self-mastery of their thoughts, emotions and inner self.
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