Re-Connect & Re-Align

Your Feminine Energies

Join me to learn how to unlock your divine feminine energies
to lead a fulfilling, purposeful and successful life

How to awaken your inner SHAKTI?

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    Know your masculine-feminine energy imbalance

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    Learn to reconnect to your inner self

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    • Learn the 9-steps to Soulful Living for a conscious and quality life
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    • Realign your feminine energies to attract the right opportunities

Our Unique Offerings

“My mission is to guide a 100,000 enterprising women to reconnect and realign
their innate feminine energies to resolve energy imbalances
and reclaim their power to lead a sustained conscious, purposeful life.”


The key to change the world begins with self.
A “Wholistic” 11-day program to balance and connect back to yourself. This program gives that joyful peek within oneself and an awareness of your inner strength and beauty. You will fall in love with yourself again!
Get in touch with your inner divine feminine energies to claim back your power.


“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself”
– Oprah Winfrey.
An extensive 1-1 program to reboot, reset your energies and mindset with subtle balance of feminine energies, to pave way  for a sustained healthy, fulfilling, purposeful and conscious living


Tanushree conducts mini-workshops or group circles for women. Group Circles have like-minded people who aspire to reach similar goals. We guide, work, and support to grow, learn, and share collectively. Tanushree is also invited to Speaker events or discussions. Get in touch to know more about group circles or speaking engagements.

About Tanushree

Tanushree is an ex-IT professional, with a decade long corporate experience, turned social entrepreneur. She has dabbled in social entrepreneurship through her denim upcycling venture since 2011. 

A hands-on mother of two, author, and an ardent lover of creative handcrafts, she has expertise in a range of crafts and finds her space and peace while pursuing her crafting hobbies. Crafting and dance are the two passions  Tanushree follows, which is her personal way of alternative meditation.

She is an experienced energy work practitioner and certified in different meditation techniques like Vipassana and energy-healing modalities like Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Akashic for the past 15 years. She is also a certified Life Coach (ICF approved), Leadership & Executive Coach (ICF approved), NLP Practitioner (Associate), Happiness & Well-Being Coach (IAPCCT)

“Loving yourself is not vanity, it is sanity” – Kristina Mayer

A woman has innate energies, different from men, which she fails to acknowledge and harness. The power is within and begins with awareness. Are you ready to awaken and activate it to raise yourself to the maximum potential?  

Tanushree’s mission is to bring together all her learnings and experiences of energy work to empower and impact the lives of a million enterprising women and leaders to reconnect and realign their feminine energies to resolve any energy imbalances, which will help them to lead a happy, productive, purposeful, harmonious, and powerful life. 

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