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A little about me...

Ever felt you are fighting on all fronts, trying to balance career, home, kids, and losing on
to your personal space?

Ever felt you need to compromise your career, aspirations, and make tough choices?

Ever felt you have to be competitive just to match up with your male counterparts at

Are you always putting extra work and hours to prove your eligibility to your employers
for a promotion while your men counterparts have it a little more easy?

Do you somewhere feel disconnected, unsatisfied, and looking for your purpose in life?

Do you have a love-hate relationship with money?

Do you struggle with your own body?

Do you have challenges with relationships with yourself and others?

Do you have to let-go of your careers or had to start from scratch post your maternity

These and many more, are the challenges that today’s women in active careers are facing.
Women often give less credit to themselves and suffer from deprivation. They juggle at many fronts and somewhere feel they are losing their congruence with what they think and what they are doing. 

Are you one of them?

These and more such situations are created around us due to the energy imbalances.

What are energy imbalances?

Each one of us, irrespective of gender, has these dual kinds of energy flowing through us- masculine and feminine. Or what we call as “Shiva” (Purush)  & “Shakti” (Prakriti) in Tantric philosophy. 

The qualities of each of these energy types are unique, and the expression of these unique traits decides our behaviour and attitudes. Any of these energies in excess or lack can set off imbalances in all areas of our life.

We are on a cusp of transformation and now more than ever, we need to move out of the lop-sided hypermasculine leadership qualities and embrace more feminine energy qualities to bring in the balance in the world order. We need more women to enter into leadership and entrepreneurial positions and that can happen only when women realize their full potential. 

I have blended my rich experience through social entrepreneurship, corporate & energy work in my coaching practice as an Energy Mastery & Mindset Specialist to empower women to cross that bridge of self-doubt and discover their innate sacred Divine Feminine (Shakti) Energy power.

Come join me in this transformational journey!!!

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My Vision

Building a collaborative community of empowered women entrepreneurs and leaders who are centered in their own power to help recreate the balance in the world.

My Mission

My mission is to enable 100,000 women to discover their innate feminine energy balance for success and leadership through my Inner Shakti Bluprint in 90 days.

Benefits of My Program


“ The beginning and end of any transformation is self-awareness”. Awareness starts with being in the NOW.

Personal Branding

Create a strong, successful and rooted brand name.

Conscious Feminine Leadership

A holistic leader centered around values, empathy, receptivity as well as can design structure, order and mindfulness to create a win-win leadership model for personal and social change

Soulful Living

Mindful, rooted, spiritually anchored, value-driven, empathetic, inclusive living for success, harmony and well-being.

Feminine Energy Mastery

Embrace & Master your own sacred Divine Feminine Energy qualities.

Inside-Out transformation

We have all the resources within us. Transformation begins within us to enable us to shine our light.

Experience & Credentials

Drawing my experience from 15 years of studying and certifications in different
meditation and coaching techniques like Vipassana, and energy-healing modalities like
Reiki, Pranic, Akashic and many others, I have designed a life, energy and mindset-shifting programs.

I have almost a decade long experience in social entrepreneurship with my environment-conscious denim upcycling venture -Karaashilp.

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Certified in multiple coaching techniques~

* Certified NLP Practitioner Associate (ABNLP, NLP Coaching Academy)

* Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (International Association of Professional Coaches, Counsellors and Therapists)

* Life Coach, Associate Leadership & Executive Coach

* Organizational Development Coach (CCE, approved by International Coaching Federation

* Happiness & Well-Being Coach, approved by IAPCCT

I am an author with my highly successful book : 

“Bring Out That Red Lipstick- How to harness the superpowers of feminine energies for success, harmony and well-being” and 

Co-author of the book “Being Employable”.

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Host of the podcast show – “Soul Crafting with Tanushree”, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Castbox.


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The program aims at holistically rebooting your life and infusing it with a fresh perspective and energies to make a shift from mundane living to the inspired, self-motivated, powerful living.

My expertise is in helping find masculine and feminine energy imbalances, guiding, empowering and coaching an individual with tools to harmonize them so that they are independent & equipped to implement the learnings for life.

I also facilitate different online and offline group life-coaching programs based on energy transformation for corporates, women-led support groups.

Book a self-discovery session with me now!

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