Discover Your WHY

An unique assessment program to unboxing your personality
to become unstoppable and achieve peak personal & professional success

  • Are you between the age of 35-50 years?
  • Are you a mid-career, senior professional, or professional transitioning into leadership?
  • Unable to understand WHY you choose to be a certain way, what motivates you?
  • Feeling self-doubt whether the decisions you are taking is aligning with your purpose?
  • Feeling stagnated or wanting to identify your unique aligned purpose

Then you are in the right place! Read on…

What we see of ourselves is just 20% which is the state of DOING – the conscious mind and behaviours.
The other 80% of the personality- our shadow side, strengths, and blind spots lies beneath what we say as the state of BEING
“The key to sustainable transformation and self-awareness lies in the subtle balance of our DOING & BEING”
The assessment gives a window into our subconscious drivers and gives us tools & opportunities for uncovering our patterns for deep transformations.

What is in it for YOU?

This is a short power packed program where you will fill a powerful Enneagram self assessment online
followed by 2 intense coaching sessions to help you unravel the report.

The Enneagram assessment is based on the 9 Archetype model and is a powerful map for understanding SELF

  • This unique & extensive 11-page report is a map which gives deep insight into what drives our behaviours which are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • The 2 coaching sessions spaced in a week will guide you to create a high level but personalized action plan based on your ONE CORE challenge area.

The Outcome...




What do they say

Ruche Mittal Founder-HEN India

I recently did an Enneagram Assessment with Tanushree Nair. The reason I took this test was for me to understand how can I become better leader? Need to come closer to self... I had 2 sessions with Tanushree and she helped me comprehend my report. She helped me look at things in my life from a third person's perspective and play on my strengths

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    The Enneagram report is a useful guide to support your self-awareness, self- development journey to
    overcome self-doubt, procrastination, conflict
    develop clarity, healthy relationships with self and others
    However, it doesnot “box” , “limit”  or “categorize” you.
    Instead it helps you to “realize” or “own” yourself WHOLLY paving the path for manifesting your highest potential

    All this for just Rs.15,555.

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