~practising the power of gratitude

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues, but the parent of all others” said Cicero  

The word “Gratitude” comes from the Latin word ” gratus” meaning “thankful”, “pleasing”. Gratitude is a powerful emotion and a universal sentiment propounded by all known religions in one way or the other.   


Positive psychology studies show that people who practice gratefulness are less stressed, less depressed, feel fulfilled and have a sense of grounding. The practice of expressing gratitude or being in the state of gratitude is a virtue that can shape our emotions and thoughts to perform positive deeds and actions for well-being and harmony. Energy follows where your focus goes!  


Let us all step into each month with zeal, zest and positivity and set up ourselves for success as we traverse each month of the year with complete awareness.  


In this 3-day challenge, we will delve into the specifics of Gratitude (Kritajna, in Sanskrit) and learn how to set the right intention (Sankalpa, in Sanskrit) to set ourselves up for manifesting our highest good in the year 2022.  


Each day as we meet for 2 hrs, I will take you through simple ways to incorporate the tool of self-awareness to build the powerful gratitude muscle.   


So join me in this 3-day journey to help you manifest your deepest desires by opening the gates of Gratitude and with goals powered with the right, effective intention.  


Objective of the challenge is: 

1) To cultivate the habit of positive focus through gratefulness 

2) Work on the blocks that are stopping one from moving ahead and understand how to go through them. 

3) Goal setting has been traditionally or conventionally done, But how many of them are really doable. Try Intention-setting instead to power-up your goals. 

4) Creating focus & clarity and reducing anxiety, stress using the power of Gratitude 

All you need to do is come with an open mind and heart with a lot of empathy towards yourself. 


This is a LIVE guided session by Tanushree Nair all 3 days.  

 About Tanushree: 

Tanushree Nair is an Energy Mindset Coach at The Soul Alchemy, Author of the book – Bring out that Red Lipstick & Speaker. Her work encompasses the diverse worlds of energy work with around 15+ years of experience and mindset transformation using her Inner Shakti Blueprint to guide individuals to elevate their innate energy potential for success, harmony & wellbeing 


Note: Check your schedule before registrations. Change of batch and refunds are not available.

New Batch to be announced soon!

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