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I was asked this numerous times since I started writing my book ” Bring out that Red Lipstick”. Does feminine energy mean being female/woman/lady or having girlie characteristics? While it is right in the smallest sense, feminine energies are much bigger than that. Let me try my best to explain it here what feminine energy truly means and how can you embrace and embody this energy quality to maximize your potential.

We know scientifically that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed. This energy in spiritual science is also called prana, chi, qi is the universal life force that runs through each of us. We are all energetically connected. We are citizens of the same universe!

Masculine and feminine energies, also depicted as Yin-Yang or Shiva-Shakti in different cultures, are not per se gender-based. They are independent of gender. These energies exist in a dual form within each of us, irrespective of man or woman.

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Masculine energies are connected with “doing” – ambition, growth, moving forward, planning, scheduling, processes. Feminine energies are “being” energies – knowing, creative, intuition. Masculine energies are more linear energies, whereas feminine energies are more flowing energies.

Is one better than another?

Certainly not. Anything we do in excess has its own consequences. Taken in small quantities alcohol can be medicinal but in excesses can cause liver disease or severe health problems. Dis-ease is a symptom to understand that there is an imbalance. Similarly, the tilting of the balance of these natural energies can cause emotional fatigue, restlessness, poor relationships, lack of clarity, loss of purpose which can manifest physically and affect success and well being.

We live in a highly masculinized and mechanized world, where the world order and processes have been set. We are constantly in the “doing” while we miss out on the finer details of “being” who we are. Quite naturally we are missing our inner sense of worth. Feminine energies exactly address this finer detail. We are embracing so many masculine traits and energies to be, to achieve, to elevate ourselves in life and career. Slowly we are getting disconnected from this inner sense of being and what we really want.

What women really need?

Masculine energies are more “valued” due to their moving or progression traits, whereas feminine energies of nurturing, receptivity, and empathy are made to look like “weaker” traits.

In my book, “Bring out that Red Lipstick”, I am talking to women, essentially a friendly dialog with women. You may want to ask why only women? No, this has nothing to do with feminism.

One is a personal experience and another being a woman. Women are blessed to be born with an innate sense of knowing, creating, nurturing, and listening. They are default expressions of feminine energies. But over time, they have forgotten their powers, their sense of being. Why?

Women are getting out of their traditional/conventional roles and entering the workforce and leadership positions. Women usually have to compete with their male counterparts to be seen, to be heard, to be acknowledged. They have to juggle different roles of a wife, daughter-in-law, mother, etc. and expectations in order to reach their accomplishments. There is an untold expectation of being perfect and balance home, relationships, and career equally. They have to shoulder multiple responsibilities and also don the suit and masculine energies in order to create a place for themselves, to be taken seriously, to be considered cool, to be considered strong, to be acknowledged for career advancement opportunities.

In this bargain, they suppress their natural divine feminine energies to adapt to the set processes. But how long can one carry on like this? I have personally witnessed a lot of women leaving their jobs, taking sabbaticals, and stepping back from corporate just to breathe and get a hold of themselves. The innate traits of being in flow and creativity cannot be suppressed for long and one will start feeling a general sense of discomfort and unease. I, myself have been a casualty of this trend a decade back. I missed embracing my sacred feminine energies.

We may not know what the world needs, but if we can figure out what we need to bloom our skills and potential, we can easily share it with others. Women need to support each other. They need to remind each other what their feminine energy strengths are. If women can connect back to their inner sense of knowing and trusting their intuition, it could be a gamechanger. Why am I so passionate about it is because I have felt those changes firsthand and opening up of possibilities and paths of abundance by just embracing my suppressed inner Goddess. I don’t always need to play by the rules but I can create new pathways and flow fast.

Want to know how? I am going to let out a secret. It has always been around us and we know it, but we do not practice it. And as much as I would want women to embrace it fiercely, I would also invite the men to take a step forward and explore these 3-C’s and feel the transformation in you.

3-C’s to embracing your feminine energy

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  1. Connect: First knowing there is a problem or imbalance is half the battle won. Connect first back to yourself, your aspirations, and wants. Listen to your inner voice. Connect with yourself through things, activities you like to do for yourself. There would be a sport or hobby back in your growing years which must have made you feel at the top-of-the world, gave you a release, a sense of accomplishment. Find out time to do it again. Open that window and let the fresh air in. Connect back to nature. There is a reason why we call our planet “Mother Earth” She is a limitless mine of feminine energies and nurturing. Embrace her loving and flowing energies.
  2. Create: Creating is a big part of feminine energies. I love different crafts and love creating different things with my own hands and feeling that sense of immersion and satisfaction. The act of creating opens more avenues for receiving manifold. Create a space or ritual for yourself to enjoy that moment. Be spontaneous.
  3. Collaborate: You cannot miss this step. Collaboration or networking is so essential in today’s times. Women are born networkers. They exactly know how to connect and give, share the information they have. You will most likely know how to get children’s assignments or projects done by networking with other parents. Use that skill for your own personal growth. To connect with like-minded people who can guide and help you with difficult or challenging situations. Be authentic. If you are in business, collaborate with other businesswomen and strike win-win collaborations to raise each other’s energies. This is the age of collaboration, not competition. By harnessing each other’s strengths, you can move faster and higher.

Let us see more women, and men alike, embracing and imbibing the powers of feminine energy. Let us bring in that harmony, sense of purpose and live a life of significance!


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