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“Make yourself a priority once in a while”

We often wait for the right time to start things and calculate success in terms of whether we achieved it or not. We think we will step out of the house when all the signals are green. We put those aspirations as dreams and keep chasing it. In that pursuit, we do not realize when it has consumed us so much that we get disconnected with ourselves. We are constantly assessing ourselves through the eyes of our parents, teachers, friends, peers, and society in general. Where is the question of self-love?

I entered my professional studies and corporate life, I moved cities but still kept running at the same pace. I did not compete against anyone but myself. To keep up with change, to keep up with learning, to keep up with socialising, to keep up with adjusting to the newly married life, to keep up with the new city and job setting. Later on, the list added with being a parent for the first time and coping with sleepless nights, getting back on the job with lesser expectations (as good as starting fresh), missed promotions, extended work hours at night to make up for the lost time, etc. The list is long.

I gave up my career of almost a decade since it was excruciating to balance on all fronts. I knew what others wanted, but if anyone asked me then what I wanted, I wouldn’t have an answer. I would bend backward to fulfill everyone’s expectations, but I never “leaned in” to listen to my own inner voice. I did not even know what self-love meant then. Ladies, how many of you resonate with this?  

Self-Love is often talked about but rarely practiced. Self-love is perceived as being selfish or rude or being self-centered. It means you are a taker and not a giver. These are all myths. After the many challenging experiences that I went through, I would like to put self-love as the No-1 priority, like the air we breathe, like the food we eat. It saved me and my sanity. It rescued me from being the sacrificial goat. It saved me from self-sabotaging myself.

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Begin with small activities that make you feel good like you are on top-of-the-world feeling. “Lean in and lend an ear” to what YOU want. Look into your eyes in the mirror and say “I LOVE YOU”. How difficult can it be?

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