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On account of Maha Shivaratri, I decided to delve deeper into this concept of Shiva-Shakti energy balance! MahaShivratri is a night of sleep fasting and meditating to go deeper into yourself and I felt it was an apt time to share this post.

I discussed in the previous post about energy in general, how it flows, Shiva/Shakti or masculine/feminine energies. The left side of our body is associated with feminine or Shakti and right side is associated with masculine or Shiva. Together these energies complete and complement each other. 

You can read more in my previous post here: What is masculine and feminine energy balance?

Let’s understand energy imbalances

Let us take it a bit further to understand how imbalances in these energies cascades to our physical body and our behaviour. Wherever we have the imbalance, whether it is towards the masculine energy side or towards the feminine energy side, we play it out & project it into the relationships with others or may experience it in our body as chronic health issues. 

As explained in my earlier post,

The masculine energies are active, leading, strength, structure, logic, order, clarity, authority, direction.  

What happens if the masculine energies are imbalanced or wounded? 

It leads one to experience pushiness, cold-heartedness, low self-esteem or over confidence, confused as in lacking clarity, procrastinating, being transactional, being reactive than proactive, feeling directionless, unable “to-do”. 

The feminine energies are creative, intuitive, free-flowing, nurturing, receptive, expressive, secure, not judgemental, in tune with her emotions. 

What happens if the feminine energies are imbalanced or wounded? 

When the feminine energies are imbalanced, one may experience loss of self-love, overgiving or overcompensating and not ready to receive, guilt, self-doubt, neediness, feeling unworthy, unable “to-be”. 

These are some signs and symptoms that we can check in us to evaluate if we experience these challenges within ourselves. Introspect to check what is causing it. Most times we mirror these in our behavior or seek it from others to compensate within ourselves.  

In my book “Bring out that red lipstick”, I have described in detail these 3 conditions that we may experience. You can pick up a copy to read in detail there.

In a nutshell- 

1) When masculine energy is more dominant and feminine energy is subdued – This can create more self-doubt and suppress the creative feminine energies. One may miss the flexibility & free-flowing nature of the “being” energy. Could result in being superficial and rigid. Could lose touch with our inner self and be outward projecting. 

2) When feminine energy is dominant and masculine energy is subdued – Feminine energies being expressive, free flowing and expansive can cause scattering and being directionless. Feminine energies without the container of masculine is uncontrollably wild.  Shakti’s energy is focused by the masculine qualities of awareness. Awareness allows the feminine to see herself and give containment and direction to her energy. Without Shiva, the power of Shakti has no support or receptacle to hold its energy within us. 

3) When masculine and feminine energies are both subdued or dominant – It will cause no movement or action. Each will pull each other back  when subdued or both will be stubborn and stand their ground when dominant. 

How did I realize my own energy imbalance?

Let me give my own example about how I came about identifying these imbalances within myself and I am 100% sure that most or all of my women listeners would identify with it right away. 

While in my IT Corporate journey, I experienced this feeling or situation a lot of times, where I felt something misplaced or me not being in the right vocation or profession. I had always aced in academics and extra-curricular activities throughout the school, thanks also to my mother and sister who are extremely creative. In my corporate life, I encountered this feeling that I am supposed to act like a man to gain visibility for my skills, I had to compete with male counterparts and work harder since I had to handle home, kid, and then office too.

While I aced an Exceeds Expectation in my appraisal in one year, the following year after returning back from my maternity leave, I was awarded a “Meets Expectation”! With a baby in daycare and running to and fro through my job/home responsibilities, in my mind, I thought I deserved a noble prize!!!! I was walking a thin line holding on to my guilt of leaving a crying child at daycare and trying to be perfectly available everywhere- for my child, for handling home since my partner had to travel long distance for his work, managing relatives, handling communication, remembering anniversaries and birthdays, planning to buy things so that we avoid last-minute rushes, etc. Whew!! And in this bargain what would you expect happened to me? 

I lost touch with my inner self. I was always beating hands to keep myself afloat at the surface to the point that one day I stopped doing it and sank down to the bottom. It was a burnout!

I knew what everyone else wanted and was perfectly there for everyone with my shoulder to cry on. But I didn’t know what I wanted

No, I was not in depression. I just felt helpless and too much overwhelmed. I knew what everyone else wanted and was perfectly there for everyone with my shoulder to cry on. But I didn’t know what I wanted. I am glad nobody asked this tough question then.

I had raised my masculine energies to compete, complete and stay afloat to such a level that I lost alignment within myself. I had this moment of realization that I needed to step out of this chaos and a wall that I had built for myself. This was my second phase of life. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do next.

My Turning Point

But as destiny had its own plans, I started my venture of denim upcycling with my brand –Karaashilp. Honestly, I am an accidental entrepreneur or incidental!! This was where I flourished as ME as being Me. I was pleasantly surprised to meet myself. All the creativity that I had bottled up or forgotten, came gushing back to me. First time in my life I experienced that sweet feeling of being happy in my own skin, no guilt, no self-doubt, no self-criticism. The time when your brain is fertile with ideas and designs! I am not trained in design, fashion, art, or textiles, but somehow I found my way through and did well at it. 

Go back to the basics & that is YOU

Understanding & identifying in which polarity you operate will help to embrace the other energy qualities to balance it. They say God resides within us, We all have our Shiva and Shakti within us. Reach back to them and experience their harmonious union within yourself. Reach back and connect with your soul and listen to its needs. 

We need the stability of the linear focus of the masculine to merge with the inspiration and aliveness of the feminine

We need the stability of the linear focus of the masculine to merge with the inspiration and aliveness of the feminine. Break free from your self-limiting perceptions and embrace the divinity within yourself to serve your purpose in life. Live your life by experiencing your full potential. This is what they call an Awakening!!!!

It is right here, in the now, and not in the future. Begin living a life Inside-Out and see how it differentiates your own existence from earlier. Harness the energies of Shiva-Shakti energies to maximize your potential to lead an abundant life. 

I have tried to sincerely put out my thoughts, research and experience by sharing this topic with all your viewers and listeners. Do let me know your thoughts and feedback.

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A very engrossing article. Brings out the energy imbalances in men and women very well.

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