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Words have an impact whether positive or negative. Often we have heard about this. Ancient Indian wisdom has records of a lot of mantras. Mantras are essentially precise sacred group of words chanted over and over to increase the positive vibrations. In the same way, negative words used repeatedly can give power to negative vibrations. It is said to choose your words carefully as there are certain times in the day that Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge, as per Hindu Vedas) would sit on your tongue and make it a reality.

We can manifest with the words we use and we can destroy with the words we use. Words have this powerful effect to hinder, hurt, breakdown, scare but also to build, strengthen, overpower, humble, awaken, charge us. Here what we choose is what makes us and the environment around us. Your thoughts become words, and words become action. During the studies of energy healing practices, we were taught to intend the result and the energy follows the intention.


We can manifest with the words we use and we can destroy with the words we use.


With the Covid-19 scare around us and with an actual lockdown, it is leading us to deeply introspect our actions as humans and the impact on Mother Earth owing to our destructive activities. With great power comes responsibility. The words that we have been using through our media channels to communicate to our communities, families, to ourselves have been more negative than positive. All around the world, we are using different languages but effectively meaning the same. Imagine this cycle of words thought by you and me and then our family, our local area, to our state, country, neighboring countries, and on a global scale is only making it bigger and fueling the negative vibrations, i.e, Spread of coronavirus fatally fast. The frequency of our energies is that of fear and worry. The words that we are using constantly are “Pandemic”, “It is worrying”, “It is fatal”, “No cure has been found”, “Life-threatening”, “Take care”, “Panic”, “Lockdown”. We are bombarding ourselves with the same depressing message by reading papers, listening to painful news about the death toll in different countries to stay abreast of the latest status. All these words are amplifying anxiety and reducing immunity.

Can we afford to fuel in more negativity or should we start quelling it? The antidote is using positive words. Instead of saying “I got the fever”, how does” I am getting better and feeling more healthy” sound? Apply the Law of Attraction with affirmative words. Affirmations have become popular over some years. They are more or less like mantras chanted repeatedly to change the wiring of negative thoughts and rewire it to connect to the positive thoughts through uplifting, assertive words as if it has already happened. So now instead of using fear-inducing words, we all collectively start saying- “We have got the cure for healing the earth”, “We are curing ourselves of the virus spread”, “The virus has stopped spreading”, “We have saved lives”, “We are free from the fear of this virus”, “We have built immunity against this virus and it exists no more”. Stay positive, talk positive, and share positive stories. Do you agree at a global consciousness level, this could change the whole vibration of the world? Say “YES”, if you agree.

Yes, the medical fraternity and researchers are working with a war-footing and need to keep working on vaccines, safety, cures but help them buy time by raising your frequencies and aiding them with the right energies. Most importantly, such crises could have been prevented if we protected, showed love, empathy, and respect to Mother Nature and all her beings equally. I leave you this message-


It means:

May all beings be happy and free and may my thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to the happiness and freedom for all!


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