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We pay so much attention to how we look than how we feel. We have so many kinds of diet plans available today for weight watch – Keto, Paleo, Vegan, low-carb, low-fat, high protein, intermittent fasting, detox diet, etc. The grand scheme of all marketing promos and sales is to sell various organic food, make you look younger creams, gels and whatnot. The non-pesticide based organic farm-produce is the normal food we should be eating. Ironically, it is sold in the market as a special organic “high priced” luxury produce!  

Since the industrial age began, marketing & advertisements have taken centre-stage and responsible for pushing wares into our houses, into our bodies, into our minds. 

I have seen a lot of my friends turning vegan, finding different diets which work for them to maintain their activity levels and energy levels. Using detox diets, fasting on juices or salads. I have a lot of respect for people who discipline themselves with food, exercise and buying choices. I always had this question in mind. While we all do things like exercising, cycling, jogging, running marathons and strengthening our physical bodies,

What kind of diet are we feeding our mind?

How do we detox our energy? 

If you have read some of my previous posts about subtle energy bodies around us, you would understand why I am bringing up this topic of detoxifying our energies. While we operate at the mind, body, soul level, we apply more emphasis only to body level activities. But I am also glad to say that I see a lot of people around me gaining that inner wisdom about the way their bodies respond and how to feed it right. Today’s post is not about body detoxification. Today I want to discuss a step above it.

Mind and Energy Detoxification 

Our ancestors were more connected and aligned to nature, to the sun and moon cycles, to the soil, the mountains and the sand. They devised stories around these spiritually energetic days. We might dismiss these today as myths. But they also act as powerful detox methods for your emotions and energies. 

In my book, Bring out that Red Lipstick, I have mentioned decluttering and detoxifying not just physically but also mentally, emotionally as one of the important self-care activities. You can read more about it. 

Decluttering your mind from toxic thoughts and emotions, unresolved feelings, hurt, sadness at regular intervals is very important to maintain a stable mind, cleaner emotions and focus. I do hear a lot of people telling me, I can’t meditate… it’s not for me. Yes, I have been through that phase too.

I struggled with yoga and meditation for quite some time. I understood that my body and mind were not in alignment. While my mind was going south, cluttered with thoughts that I couldn’t decipher, my body was going north with pains and aches. Practising yoga or applying any other method was just a futile attempt. I had to prepare both separately to make them work together.  

We are often presented with challenges in our lives, difficult situations, traumas, heartaches along with earning our bread and butter and providing for everyone around us. But what is important eventually is our state of mind. That is what drives our physical self. When we are happy and bouncing with joy, we can take more than our share of work and complete it easily. Whereas in the opposing state of emotional pain, hurt or guilt, we drag ourselves. Where and when do you let go of these toxic emotions or energies? Have you ever thought about where and how it gets stored? 

One of my Reiki teachers used to say this, “You open my wardrobe and you will know my state of mind”. I was very perplexed by this. But funnily I did see the same working for me too. The clutter in our physical spaces around us also stagnates free-flowing energy. Our homes, offices, workspaces are flowing with the intermingling energies of everyone who uses those spaces, even the untouched boxes which you may have stacked up in your lofts or corners of the houses. It directly impacts our energies.  

How to declutter and detoxify our physical spaces for energy change

👉 For Space: Declutter your space where you dwell and work. Look around your space and identify the corners of your house or spaces where you have piled up old things and haven’t moved them around for a long time. Try to move things that do not serve you anymore. Cluttered corners trap not so positive energies. Keeping crystal salt in small earthen, glass bowls in the corners absorbs cluttered energies. 

👉 Smoke your spaces regularly once a week or once a fortnight. Frankincense, Sage smoking helps to clear the trapped, unwanted energies. Using essential oil diffusers at regular intervals improves the energies around us in turn lifting our energies automatically.  

👉 Fasting, Meditation, following a personal ritual for self are some ways one can indulge in inner detoxification. Be in awareness of how you need to detox your inner self, create that space within you, let go of what doesn’t serve you. 

Traditionally, we have seen our elders practice fasting on certain days of the month or around important festivals. Mahashivaratri is one of such days when they do sleep fasting (staying awake through the night). Many such rituals are followed under the umbrella of religion in different cultures. One such tradition in India is Ekadashi Fasting . Ekadashi is the 11th day before a new moon or a full moon. It occurs fortnightly. Fasting for three days before the full moon and new moon, tunes our bodies to align our energies during these moon cycles making us lighter. We may or may not understand why it was followed. A lot of knowledge is lost through generations. But there is a deeper spiritual science involved in such practices which affect our being and energies, that is only if we try to know more about them. 

👉 Using bathing salts, Salt baths which are a concoction of salt and coffee with few drops of essential oil in carrier oils once a fortnight helps clear stress and promotes cleansing of our auras. If you live by the sea, nothing better than taking those dips in the sea.  

👉  Drink enough water. I won’t say plenty. But enough. Our body is composed of 70% water. Listen to your body when it is hungry and thirsty. You can drink detox energised water. Energized water is not a new concept. Energized water is used throughout many cultures and in different religions from aeons in spiritual practices.

This is a simple way how you can energize water at home for your consumption – Fill a glass jug with water- add lemon slices, mint, (Any other fresh herbs like rosemary, coriander etc). You can also use vetiver/khus grass in water. Label this jug with a Thank YOU or gratitude or switch words if you know. Water is an elixir of life and energized water has infinite benefits. The easiest way to drink charged water is to hold the glass of water in front of your heart, cover your right hand over the mouth of the glass, say gratitude or bliss or joy, happy, or a simple Thank you and then drink it. 

While we are running in the wheel of life, spirituality acts as a lubricant and cushion to keep us going and hold us in alignment to our purpose. As much as physical beauty and strength is important, what we feed our mind and the company we keep is equally essential. Spend time with yourself, align yourself to ur thoughts and actions. Emotional strength and tenacity improves the more clearer we are within. Happiness is then a state of mind. And as I always say. Self-awareness is the beginning and end of all transformation. 

So what is your energy detox routine? Do comment and let me know too. 

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