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Your soul will never be fully nourished by anyone’s love but your own!

How can you fill another’s cup when your own cup is empty?

What do you mean by manifesting self-love?

Manifesting simply means intending to make things happen. Our energy follows our intentions. 

The basic step starts with acknowledging and accepting that ” I deserve love”. Awareness and being in the now is the foremost step for beginning your inner work. Beginning with having a high regard for oneself and our needs will open our path to our inner transformation. Start loving yourself one day at a time. 

While the process of self-healing is set in motion, one can take baby-steps to inculcate self-love. Self-healing works wonders and paves the path towards smoother acceptance of self-love.

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Lets list out  things that you need to stop doing :

1) Criticizing self – Don’t be your own worst critc. We have enough critics around and we don’t want to beat ourselves down everytime.

2) Stop the guilt at its first footsteps – Guilt big or small can consume your power to set the course right. Step outside your shoes and observe whether you really deserve to carry the baggage. 

3) Disengage the Perfection-o-mechanism- The world itself is so imperfect. How can we be perfect then? We build patterns and beliefs in our mind of an ideal state which is only in our thoughts. That is just our map of the world and not someone else’s reality. Be reasonable with yourself.

4) Expectations clarity – We place undue stress on ourselves and others with high, uncommunicated expectations. We are not being judged for a World competition.  

5) Stop judging and creating opinions –  We can only work on ourselves and have no control on others thoughts and actions. Giving space in our mind for negative thoughts will only take up our power. 

6) Stop self sabotage – Get out of your own way! Stop creating challenges for yourself due to guilt and critical reviews. 

Things you can start doing: 

1) Being in awareness of how you feel at the current moment – What is it that you are envisioning for yourself? What are the difficult areas for you to accept? What makes it difficult? Workaround the triggers. Note it down.

2) Journalling – Writing brings in clarity. What you did through the day will help you to reflect what changes you want to make around yourself. You can apply self-healing to those areas. 

3) Create an image that you want to achieve – Let go of personal attacks and criticism for yourself. Move away from all that drama. Look at what brings stillness and peace within yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and talk to self with positive words. 

4) Empathize – Be kind to yourself like you would for others. Do not beat yourself for mistakes done in your past. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. But you have the present with you to do wonders for yourself. 

5) Forgiveness – Let go of sadness, hurt inflicted by others and you yourself. Forgiveness doesn’t mean the person who did wrong is correct. It only means that you set yourself free from the result of the deeds of others.  

6) Clear your boundaries – Once you understand what regresses you back to an undesirable state, draw your boundaries. The boundaries have to be communicated to others around us. Be gentle and firm about the boundaries you have set. Honor your limitations. We cannot be there 24/7 for everyone.  

7) Take your Me-time – Having a space and time set for yourself is a good way to unwind and step into your zone. Have a favorite corner where you can curl up with a book with soothing music and aroma, soft lights or well-lit space whichever you prefer. A Me-space to realign back to your elements. Accept it as if you deserve it. 

8) Last but not the least and very important for manifesting it in .Write down your positive intentions in form of affirmations. Ask and you shall receive. Chant it like a hymn or mantra to internalize it for yourself. It might feel weird in the beginning but eventually you will love creating such affirmations for yourself. Once you fixed your positive intentions, start implementing it. Put it in action.  

The law of attraction is not magic. It cannot be just created in our minds and not worked upon in reality. There are no free lunches! So start that process of Inside-Out transformation by working within and mirror the best self outside today. 

Accept, honour and love yourself. Every creation of God/the higher power/the source is a complete package. Discover your gifts. They are unique. Change your story today.

You are not a failure- there were only failed moments.

You are not unloved, its just that you haven’t met the right people.

Do not postpone your success anymore. Awaken the feminine energies of receptivity, empathy, love, forgiveness, compassion within you. Build the bridge of self-love from where you are today to where you want to reach. Nobody has more power over yourself than you. Reclaim that power and shine your light!!!!!

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