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The Law of Receptivity states that

“The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving”

Bob Burg in the book The Go-Giver

Receptivity is another key divine feminine energy quality. Are you open, responsive, perceptive to this quality in you? We have all been taught Giving is a bigger virtue than receiving. It definitely is important but I would not like to weigh one against another. Are we not speaking about balancing? Then how can we tip the scales in favour of one over another? 

What does being receptive mean?

Feminine energies are the least understood. They are not weak energies but are a powerhouse of creativity, innovation and imagination. Receptivity is key to fuel these areas to our true potential. Receptivity does not mean just accepting anything and everything. It means to surrender to the process of the universe, have faith and trust that the universe will align everything together. 

Receptivity is the ability to receive. We simply pass through life brushing past compliments, good words about ourselves, praises just because of our conditioned beliefs that it should not go to your head, lest we fill ourselves with ego. We feel apologetic to receive. But who said humility meant not receiving kind words? 

So what really stops us from receiving effectively: 

1) Social conditioning – Socially we are conditioned to work hard but sit back patiently. Downplay any efforts that one has put in as it is not considered being humble.

2) Beliefs and mind blocks – Overtime, we resign to certain beliefs that we have created about ourselves. They hinder our thoughts. Self-criticism and being stubborn in your old ways of living are in a way addictions, though we know it no longer serves us. We are not the same as we were a few years back. Things change but our stuck beliefs can hinder our openness and grace to receive. 

3) Lacking trust and confidence– Past experiences or experiences witnessed by others can cause self-doubts and lack of faith. Also not feeling confident about being worthy of support can cause blocks to receptivity.  If we feel we are in competition or different from others, we won’t trust that we are supported thereby losing the opportunity to receive guidance.  

4) Habits that do not serve anymore – As mentioned earlier, we are not the same people we were in the past. Our perceptions, habits outwardly change too. But we carry the old habit patterns. When someone compliments for a look or dress or the food we cooked, we dismiss it in the name of modesty. There could also be doubts raised in our minds about the person’s intentions. Such habits interfere with you being in the present and enjoying the moment .

 5) Congruence – If we are not aligned within ourselves, we miss the opportunity of receiving. Non-congruence or being disconnected from your deepest self to understand what are your needs leads to denying yourself of those moments.  

How do we navigate through this behaviour, beliefs and patterns? 

1) Start with listening – Active and deep listening is one way to show receptivity and openness to know others. In this world of being always digitally connected, Our monkey mind keeps chattering and jumping from one thought/task to another which hinders our one-point focus to listen deeply. We would understand others intentions or ideas, if we are fully present with them. 

2) Be non-judgemental – Being non-judgmental applies to others and yourself too. Begin with yourself. Do not create an opinion about your own actions or be harsh to yourself. Loving-kindness starts inwards and then goes outwards.  

3) Be Flexible – Fluidity or flexibility is another important feminine energy trait that you can pull into yourself. Flexibility is not bending backwards rather being fluid in response to change. Being flexible can breakdown rigid, non-serving beliefs and perceptions and bring in healthy possibilities for oneself to move ahead and receive. 

4) Love is not a one-way street – Most times we focus love, kindness, support outwards to others. We do not take into account the reciprocal. Reciprocity of the same qualities should be directed inwards towards oneself to open your heart and consciously perceiving that you are worthy of receiving all that serves your higher purpose. 

5) Practising self-love – I love to reiterate this again and again. Self-love blooms your soul. I have shared in a detailed post – How to manifest Self-Love. Do take time during the day to focus on personal development and activities to nourish yourself. You will automatically see the scales of receiving and giving balance itself. 

Dear Soul Crafters, As you are crafting your journey towards self-awareness, every step of the way, you have to keep yourself open to receive with love and grace. While we all need logic, processes and discipline to not go overboard, Feminine energies give that subtle touch and reminders to reach back into ourselves and be in alignment with ourselves. As I say always, excesses of anything, even giving, does not serve our purpose in life. Balance is the key. Raise your feminine receptivity energy and see yourself living consciously and growing exponentially to all the possibilities out there in the world. 

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