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“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.” 

-Steve Jobs 

One of the highly creative man known in our times said this.  Right at the onset, I want to put this in perspective-Being creative is not equal to Art but an artist is definitely creative! There is this general feeling of unease when someone talks about creativity. “I am not creative, I can’t paint, craft, or design anything to save myself.” Well creativity is not restricted to these terms alone. 

Creativity is one of the most important feminine energy qualities that each one of us carries. Even scientific studies talk about our brain being divided into right and left hemispheres – the left side of the brain does processing, logical, analytical, problem-solving activities while the right-side of the brain is more intuitive, creative, imaginative and deals with motivation & emotions. But slotting yourself as being a left- brain thinker or a right brain thinker is pure injustice to self. 

How does the feminine energy quality of Creativity affect us?

Creativity is a tendency to recognize, make connections, and generate new ideas that are useful socially or to solve problems or in communication. The most creative people find out their way out of obstacles or difficult situations by considering them to be opportunities and stepping stones rather than as roadblocks. 

Creativity is always working in the background whether you have been aware or not. Each one of us possess this quality. We might have just shut it down with our limiting beliefs. It could have been in your childhood, you were compared to other kids or you would have limited experience and you have simply withdrawn yourself to the fact that you could never be that good. But let me break the good news! Your creativity is your gift and does not deserve to be compared or competed with. You have it whether you want it or not 

Your creativity is your gift and does not deserve to be

compared or competed with.

The ability to see the big picture or being able to connect the dots is a big asset. That is what is creativity. Being creative opens new neuron pathways in our brain thereby increasing its efficacy. You will find a burst of neuron activity in your brain and the feeling of channelizing your thoughts towards that one challenge will infuse the enthusiasm and recharge you with new energy!!! 

What are the advantages of being creative?

  • It improves our problem-solving capability.
  • It increases adaptability. Creative people are naturally mouldable. They can fit themselves in any situation. In uncertain situations, it compels one to think out of the box and find new paths for complex problems or solutions.
  • Creative people embrace being fluid or in flow, which is yet another important feminine energy characteristic. Can you see the interconnection of different feminine energies? 

Here is the good news!!

creativity can be sharpened or developed strongly in oneself. 

1) Stepping out of the box – Open your mind, heart and eyes to see fresh perspectives. Infuse yourself with new ideas. Observe and reobserve the same things and see how many new ways you can find other than the known way of doing things. You can start this with your regular activities to start with. Add more details to it. Details help breakdown the walls and fuels imagination an innovation. Play like a child. 

2) Do not presume – Let go of assumptions and challenge yourself to look beyond the specifications given to you. What else is possible? Note down 3-5 more options before nailing down one. 

3) Expression – Most times, we do get great ideas but they hardly find a way out of our mouth. Learning to express in a healthy way improves creativity which in turn pushes us to do more. Do not be your own critique or let others be. Note down the different alternatives and solutions you have expressed onto your drawing board. Most probably, combining one or more of those different ideas can itself yield a better solution or way.  

These are some activities which you can do mindfully.

Next Step: How to improve creativity at energy level?

We have major & minor chakras (spinning wheels) in our body from head to toe. But the most important ones are aligned along from our crown till the tail bone. The first being root or mooladhara chakra. The second one is the sacral or svadhisthana chakra which is located below the navel in the lower abdomen. It is this second chakra which is responsible for procreation, movement, emotions and creativity. When in balance, one feels more connected, creative, and in flow. It is the seat of creative passion. Imbalances in this chakra can make one feel disconnected from your body and emotions and unable to express creatively or sexually. It is the svadhisthana chakra and the throat chakra /vishuddha chakra that work in tandem for creative expression. 

I am sure I do not need to list down what creative activities you can adopt.

But here is a small list what I like to do to help energetically raise my creativity: 

  • Crafting, crafting, crafting – It is like food for my soul. I love creating things with my hand. I love to crochet, knit, weave, sew, upcycle things around my house, find ways to reuse things before discarding. Lately, I took up balcony gardening as something new to learn.  I added one small creative task in my daily routine either to practise or learn. 
  • Doodle, Sketching, Calligraphy, Mandala Coloring – These are activities I indulge in with my son, who brought me back to enjoying art to de-stress and also spend quality time with him. 
  • Movement or Dance – It is my first love and I had to stop doing it due to an injury. But soon getting back to it slowly. I love doing the whirling like Sufi dervishes, whenever I feel like dancing. It is meditation in motion. 
  • Writing – Writing is an expression of my inner thoughts. I sometimes employ letter writing activities for myself to remind me of my goals and focus as if someone is advising me like a mentor or a love letter to myself. 
  • Meditation – Helps me destress and connect me back to myself, my body, my feelings 

Go back to your childhood and pick up that long-forgotten hobby, a new skill, sport, or hobby and let your creative juices flow.  

Creative activities bring in single-focus, flow, and helps leaders/entrepreneurs to engage in lateral thinking and finding innovative solutions for the same dreary problems.  

“You can’t use up creativity.

The more you use, the more you have”

Maya angelou

Do Share with us your favorite creative activity that you indulge in to take the heat off of your day? 

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